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The Gift of Your Name

Your name is coded wisdom and knowledge that support you with guidance in defining your unique path of transformation. The first letter of your name is the key letter that reveals its power, wisdom and knowledge prompting your inner leadership regarding that letter. For example, if your name begins with the letter ‘S’ , guidance that helps you is:

The gracefulness of the letter ‘S’, of your name reminds you that the key quality of your life is balance. This letter encourages you to balance the thinking of your mind with the sharing nature of your heart and the strengthening activities of your body. The letter ‘S’ also emphasizes the importance of joy in all the ways you choose to enhance your whole self.

The succeeding letters of your name provide qualities that support your inner leadership expressed in practical experience.

Learn about the Gift of Your name by sending your first and last name to Angeline Welk,
 e-mail: with a contribution of $10.00.

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