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Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting is a multi-expressive movement. The hand glides across the page moving up and down, backwards and forward, diagonal and circular. In this multi-directional movement the hand repeatedly returns to a point, the center, integrating the formation of each letter. This writing process mirrors the movement developing the mind-body. Multiple areas of the brain are awakened, allowing for different levels of learning to progress. With each letter formed, the writer activates and nurtures within him/herself the attributes and powers encoded within that particular letter. Inner harmony can be created through rhythmic, integrated writing.

In handwriting, the subconscious is given a voice, expressing itself in its own language through graphic symbols.Psychological and clinical studies have shown that harmonious handwriting and rhythmic exercises assist in restoring emotional balance and mind-body health. Creating supportive handwriting patterns is a way of developing character strength, meaningful experiences, and soul-enlightenment.

Phone or Written Consultations

Writer receives a holistic picture of self. If desired, writer also learns how to change challenging experiences to those that are supportive to well-being.

  1. Use unlined 8½ X 11 paper
  2. Use non-roller type ballpoint, medium
  3. Use the personal 'I' throughout the writing.
  4. Indicate age
  5. Write spontaneously
  6. Sign your writing (full name)
  7. Make a copy for yourself and mail the original, with check, to the following address:
    Angeline Welk
    PO Box 223084
    Princeville, HI 96722-3084

Contribution amount $60.00
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