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Handwriting in the 21st century

Handwriting is the movement of the writer’s spirit across the page of life. In its multi-directional movements, vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards and forward, the writer involves the whole self: body, mind, and spirit. Through these varied movements, the mindful writer can activate areas of the self that are “sleeping,” bringing alive unknown powers and attributes, or strengthening them. Harmony, integrity, compassion, respect and sharing, as well as motivation, effective will, initiative and commitment, show up when the writer proceeds across the page of life in a unique, balanced style.
Handwriting mirrors the writer’s outlook on life. Attitudes, concerns, power of intention, hidden agendas are revealed. Patterns that are creating challenging experiences can be changed in depth through writing therapy allowing for desirable experiences.

Handwriting is an art of movement using universal graphic symbols, the alphabet letters, for its expression. These symbols serve as channels for transmitting the wisdom and powers of the original archetypes to help us in our evolution this 21st century. In mindful, harmonious writing, the writer connects with these invisible realms of wisdom and guidance, assisting us in all the curriculums of our lives, science, economics, government, technology, the arts, philosophies and education.

A balanced, harmonious handwriting is healing, calming, and uplifting to the viewer. Such writing comes from the warmth of the heart, a key for the well-being of the earth in this century of changing values. 

Angeline Welk, Princeville
Last Modified 9/15/2015
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