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About Angeline


Greetings from Kauai, the garden island, which is my home and environment for solitude, reflection, writing, and teaching.

With a pioneering spirit, I have researched the meaning of the English alphabet and handwriting for many years, both from a scientific and esoteric perspective.

In early adult life, the Life Sciences particularly fascinated me. They were my core study in attaining the academic BS and MS degrees.

The science of handwriting drew my attention when learning how knowledge of this science would be highly beneficial in recognizing the learning styles, attitudes, and confidence levels of my high school science students.

My education continued with a focus on handwriting analysis. In time, I became a certified graduate of the International Graphoanalysis School and earned my credential as a Handwriting script alchemist.

Handwriting is a life science. Through its movement and alphabet letters we can awaken dormant areas of the mind, change neurological patterns, and activate higher states of consciousness. This knowledge I share in local radio and television interviews, articles and books, and in my teachings and courses.

Handwriting is related to psychology. It is the soul communicating attitudes, attributes, and talents through the graphic alphabet forms and design of the writing. This distinguishes handwriting from the current technology-based forms of communication widely used today.

Once we can broaden our horizons in understanding this alchemical science, perhaps we again will see handwriting as the pillar of education and civilization.

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